Eyebrow laser correction

Laser eyebrow correction

Eyebrow correction is a very delicate process that requires special attention, because the modeling results can always be clearly seen. Each type of face needs its own eyebrow shape, which will look harmonious with the image and style.

The correction of the shape of the eyebrows by laser radiation, causing the cessation of the growth of unnecessary hair, is called laser eyebrow correction. This procedure is used for thick and very overgrown eyebrows in the bridge of the nose. In order to slow down or completely stop the growth of hair on the eyebrows, you need to go through about 4 laser hair removal procedures. These procedures should be carried out every 2 months. More detailed information about laser eyebrow correction can be found on the following website: www.pudra2.ru/cosmetologia/korrekciya_browey/. Hairs that are removed by laser hair removal may not grow back, which is why the choice of eyebrow shape must be approached quite carefully. If you want to change the natural shape of the eyebrows without negative consequences and without the growth of excess hair, then you need a laser eyebrow correction in the salon. This procedure is quite effective and after it there are no scars and scars. With this procedure, it is no longer necessary to pluck the hairs in the eyebrow area for a long period of time. In order to conduct this procedure, you need to properly grow your eyebrows. In this case, the length of the hair does not matter, here their quantity is important. For a whole month after this procedure, the skin will be smooth and the growth of eyebrows in this place will stop. And after only one and a half, the first hairs will only begin to be seen. But for the repeated procedure, it is necessary to grow very thick eyebrows. The most important thing after the procedure is to protect the skin from direct sunlight.

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