Collagen, yoga and some wine: the secrets of eternal youth Jennfire Aniston

Collagen, yoga and some wine: secrets of eternal youth Jennfire Aniston

No matter how many roles Jennifer Aniston plays, for most viewers she will remain the charming Rachel Green from Friends. The most amazing thing is that in the years that have passed since the completion of the project (almost twenty years!), the celebrity has not changed at all.

She looks well-groomed , attractive, and even young girls would envy her ideal figure. Aniston fundamentally refuses beauty injections, believing that they will forever change her facial expressions, which is unacceptable for the profession. But Jennifer pays a lot of attention to nutrition, lifestyle and sports, and her beauty secrets are easy for every girl to use.

Intermittent fasting and plenty of water

To get a role in Hollywood, in her youth, the actress had to noticeably build up: she got rid of 15 kilograms of excess weight and has since carefully monitored her diet.

In the morning, Jennifer drinks a glass of warm water to jump-start her metabolism, then grabs a fresh magazine or book and goes to breakfast on her terrace. She usually eats egg and avocado toast, drinks fruit smoothies with spinach, and a cup of strong coffee.

For many years, Jennifer adheres to intermittent fasting: 16 hours a day she drinks water, green tea and sometimes fresh juices from celery or an apple, and in the remaining 8 hours he tries to have time to fully eat three times.

Despite the fact that the benefits of intermittent fasting have not yet been scientifically proven, Aniston is sure that her skin began to look much better and her body became toned after switching to this system .

The main diet of the star is vegetables, meat, fruits. But such discipline is very difficult even for clever Jennifer: she admitted that she dreams of a sandwich with mayonnaise, ham and fried bacon. True, she only dreams of cheating. Aniston said that once she breaks the food system, she will not be able to return to it. lives next door with a glass of wine and cheese. Yes, Jennifer believes that alcohol dries the skin and has a bad effect on appearance, but still does not refuse wine: it has a lot of antioxidants, it is good for the blood and helps to survive difficult shootings.

But the rest of the day, Aniston drinks water. Much water. Those who know her assure: she does not part with a sports bottle. Jennifer Dade does not try to count how much liquid she drinks per day, but admits that thanks to such a drinking regime, she does not know what swelling is at all.

Collagen, yoga and some wine : Jennfire Aniston's secrets to youth

Jennifer Aniston

Yoga, dancing, walking starts playing sports. The actress does not like strength exercises, so she prefers dancing, yoga and stretching.

Jennifer's coach has developed a special system for her that combines these directions, and she is also sure that Aniston's results are achieved by constantly visualizing her best shape.

By the way, the star loves to walk. On her first date with ex-husband Justin Theroux, she suggested going for a walk. The artist did not even suspect that a walk for Aniston is a three-hour walk in the park at a fast pace. To make walking not boring, the celebrity got dogs and, unlike many Hollywood stars, she takes them for a walk in the morning and evening.

< p>Collagen, yoga and some wine: the secrets of eternal youth Jennfire Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

< strong>More vitamins, less makeup

Of course, like other celebrities, the Friends star visits a beautician. But she is sure: beauty starts from within, so Aniston's morning and evening rituals include the mandatory intake of bioadditives.

Jennifer loves collagen: according to the actress, it is this supplement that smoothes wrinkles. True, the celebrity does not believe in bone broth, and she is hardly familiar with jelly, so the actress drinks special collagen peptides that are completely absorbed.

When In this regard, Jennifer’s daily face and body care is quite simple: a good facial wash, a nourishing cream and a drying lotion, in case an unexpected pimple popped up, is all that Aniston uses at home.

She does not like serums, sheet masks and complex beauty treatments. Jennifer is sure that care should be simple but effective.

The only exception is the need to protect the skin from the sun. All products that the actress uses must have a high SPF: she recalls that she used to tan a lot, but now she is afraid of age spots, so she tries to protect herself from head to toe from the sun.

Slow life

This discipline seems to abhor relaxation, but Jennifer assures that the secret of her beauty is calmness and slowness. In the morning she does not turn on the phone for an hour after waking up, fills out a diary, meditates, reads, brews coffee.

And in the evening she sits on the terrace for a long time, goes for a two-hour walk with the dogs, listens to light music. She escapes from stress, which affects beauty more destructively than malnutrition and lack of sports.

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