Choosing a tonal

Select a foundation

Did you know that your makeup, or rather, how it will look, depends heavily on the foundation?

Modern women are lucky: now there is just a huge selection of different tonal products of light texture, which are easy to apply and do not clog our pores. The current foundations are designed for daily use, they also take care of your skin, of course, this is provided that the product is chosen correctly.

When choosing a foundation, you need to choose the right color. Moreover, pay attention to the fact that it should not match your natural skin color 100%, because with the help of this tool you will correct it. For example, if your skin has a pinkish tint, then it is better to choose a foundation in beige tones, for those with yellowish skin – beige-pink tones, and for dark-skinned women – peach.

Makeup artists recommend having several different shades of foundation in your arsenal. The foundation is the closest in tone to your skin, applied to the main part of the face. If you want to correct the oval of your face, then apply a darker tone of the foundation to those parts that you want to hide a little, for example, to change the shape of the nome. Light shades are applied around the eyes and on the bridge of the nose.

When buying a tonal foundation, be sure to try it. Moreover, it is necessary to apply someone on the face, and not on the hand, as many do. You will apply this remedy on the skin of the face, and in any case it is slightly different in color from the skin of the back of the hand. You understand that a lot depends on the choice of color. If you buy darker than necessary, then it will be very striking to others, as there will be visible borders on the hairline and other places. If you apply a very light shade of foundation on your face, you will get a haggard look.

The texture of the cream is also very important. It is necessary to select it, taking into account the age and type of skin. If there are wrinkles, then it is better to refrain from buying a thick tonal foundation, as such a tool will only emphasize them. Now on the crest of popularity is a liquid tonal foundation, this texture is suitable for the fair sex of various age categories. The liquid foundation helps to even out the complexion, besides it is very easy to apply.

The choice of foundation also depends on the time of year, so if you don’t want to wind your skin, it’s better not to buy a moisturizing liquid foundation for the winter period .

Nourishing foundations tend to have a fairly thick texture and are best for dry to normal skin types. To evenly apply a cream with this texture, you will need a brush or sponge. But in the summer, such a tool can leak. Another nourishing foundation is not recommended to be applied under the eyes and in places where wrinkles accumulate.

Hard sticks are usually small. They are quite easy to apply, and it is very easy to correct imperfections with their help.

For owners of combination and oily skin, experts advise choosing a compact tonal foundation.

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