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Biotatuirovka: per!

get a tattoo, but not everyone dares to make it on their body – after all, it will remain for life, and the consequences are sometimes the most unpredictable. Moreover, a tattoo can simply become disliked, and it will not be so easy to remove it. A temporary tattoo, or biotattoo, is quite another matter. But how to do it correctly? How to make it so that it is bright and beautiful and lasts as long as possible? Let's try to find answers to these questions.

There are a lot of positive points regarding biotattooing: firstly, such a tattoo is temporary, it will not bother you in time, but at the same time it will make you feel a little different for a while, because you have an almost real tattoo that attracts the eye! Secondly, applying such a tattoo is absolutely painless and harmless, you do not have to spend a long time in a tattoo parlor where you will be stuffed with a needle, which is not very pleasant for delicate female skin. Thirdly, such a tattoo is really eco-friendly: the colors are natural, and these colors are the simplest henna. And, of course, such a drawing will give you a share of originality and eroticism, without having time to get bored or somehow harm you.

The procedure for applying a biotattoo is called mehndi (mehendi). The application of henna drawings is a very ancient tradition in the historical framework, such drawings were applied in Asia and India. There is such a The assumption that such drawings were popular in harems, which is not surprising, because such a tattoo certainly adds sexuality to its owner. What is no less important is the fact that such a tattoo can be done on your own, having the most basic drawing skills, an example of the desired pattern, and the necessary tools. And all this can be done without prejudice to your budget, since a bag of henna costs mere pennies, and at the same time you can really be fashionable.

To begin with, it is worth noting that the applied pattern will be brown or light orange, ocher. Black shades mehndi does not provide. If you are offered henna of other shades (pink, blue), then, for sure, extraneous and not natural dyes will be present in this henna. You can purchase a ready-made mixture for applying henna tattoos, but the choice of such a tool should be taken very carefully. It is better to buy such a tool in specialized and trusted stores that you trust.

The day before applying mehndi:

Try to avoid tanning procedures (whether it be a solarium or a tan under natural sunlight). It is recommended to clean the place where you plan to apply the drawing, peel this area. Thanks to this, the drawing will stay on the skin much longer. Get everything you need to create a bio-tattoo: henna, sugar, basma, lemon, black tea, brushes, medical syringe, pattern stencil and eucalyptus oil. You can first try to draw a drawing on a piece of paper to roughly imagine how the desired drawing will look like and how you will get it.

12 hours before drawing:
Now you have to prepare a mixture for applying a biotattoo. Mix henna and basma in equal proportions, add lemon juice, sugar. Make sure the mixture is thick enough. Lemon juice is not recommended to be replaced by anything else, since the henna coloring pigment appears only in an acidic environment. Place the resulting mixture in a plastic bag in such a way as to exclude oxygen from accessing it. For 12 hours, put the bag in a warm, dry place, as the resulting composition should “fit”.

One hour before drawing:

You need to prepare another, no less important, ingredient – a decoction of black tea, which should be quite strong and rich. Cooking, brewing this hour is necessary for at least one hour. Hot tea leaves must be added to the resulting mixture of paint (henna). Gradually add liquid to the mixture so that it reaches the consistency of thick sour cream. Then re-wrap the mixture in a plastic bag and leave for about one hour.

And now, in fact, drawing a picture. It is recommended to apply it on clean, dry skin, cleansed of any cosmetic products, be it lotion or cream. And in order to make the pattern more vivid, the skin can be treated with eucalyptus oil, which must be allowed to soak into the skin. You can sketch the design on the skin with a water-based felt-tip pen, or use a stencil with the intended design. It is better to fix the stencil, using adhesive tape, for example. Draw the prepared mixture into the syringe and apply to the skin. You can use a toothpick to draw especially thin elements that require careful study and drawing. After painting, let it dry. It should dry for one to two hours. After drying, the mixture will turn into a hard brown crust, which must be carefully scraped off, but in no case should it be washed off with water. Try not to let water get on the drawing during the day, otherwise the drawing will be washed off very quickly. It is also not recommended to rub, shave this place. Although, you can always create a new design and flaunt a new tattoo on your body anyway!

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