Beautiful and healthy nails: how to ensure proper care?

Beautiful and healthy nails : how to ensure proper care? width=

Taking good care of your nails will help keep them looking healthy and beautiful. This article contains the most important aspects of nail health and beauty care that must be observed in order to obtain a positive result.

First, pay attention to your diet: if your body lacks calcium, this will certainly affect the nails. For example, in some women they exfoliate, in others they become brittle, in others they completely change their natural color.

As you know, a lack of calcium leads to problems with nails and teeth, so it is necessary to maintain a healthy balanced diet that includes all the necessary groups of vitamins and minerals. Remember that dairy products contain a lot of calcium, so do not neglect the consumption of yogurt for breakfast and kefir in the evening.

Regularly use a nourishing nail cream and cuticle emulsion. While rubbing the cream, massage your fingers around the nails — this contributes to their growth and strengthening. If your nails have become weak, peeling or breaking, you should soak them in a warm sea salt bath for ten to fifteen minutes.

Gently deburr and file your nails with a nail file, while making movements in only one direction to avoid damage to the nail structure.

The beauty of nails is not only natural, but also decorative. Today, salons offer a wide variety of manicure options. One of the most popular types is French manicure.

However, it is not necessary to visit a beauty salon to make your nails unsurpassed. For example, today you can easily do a French manicure at home, which allows you to save a lot of money.

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