Apply shadows correctly

Get shadows right

Properly done eye makeup plays a huge role in your image. Of course, you can limit yourself to just applying mascara, but this way you will add expressiveness and depth to your eyes. Skillfully applied shadows can work wonders. With their help, you can not only emphasize the beauty of your eyes, but also correct their shortcomings.

Nowadays, there is a large selection of shadows, they can be matte and mother-of-pearl, and the choice of colors is simply amazing. Depending on your requirements, on what kind of effect you want to get with the shadows and on the type of your skin, you need to choose the right shadows.

Shadows can be: compact, loose, liquid, creamy, dry and shadows -pencils.

Get shadows right

In order to use loose shadows, you need to get the hang of it. Since during their application they constantly crumble, and during the day such an incident can occur. Loose shadows are pearlescent and matte.

Compact shadows are the most convenient to use. They can be used by owners of any type of skin. To apply such shadows, a special brush or applicator is usually used.

Dry shadows are ideal for making makeup from several colors. They are usually saturated shades.

Liquid shadows are recommended for dry skin. They are sold in tubes. To apply such shadows, use a tube applicator or a brush. Liquid shadows look good in summer eye makeup.

Creamy shadows are also good for owners of dry skin, as they take care of it. The texture of these shadows is thicker and denser than liquid shadows.

Get shadows right

Pencil shadows are used as eyeliner. Although many of them are applied to the entire eyelid, carefully blending at the same time.

In order for the eye makeup to hold well and not roll or crumble, the eyelids must be processed properly. There are special foundations designed to be applied on the eyelids, if their color does not quite match the color of your skin, you can use powder. It is applied in a thin layer on the base.

During the usual eye makeup, which is most often used, eyeshadows of a light tone are initially applied, and then darker. Some light shadows cover the entire upper eyelid, a little short of the eyebrows, while the borders need to be well shaded. Depending on the individual structure of the face and the shape of the eyes, dark shadows are applied. In traditional makeup, this is the third part of the eyelid, located from the outer corners of the eyes. Applying dark matte and loose eyeshadows requires some skill, as it is quite difficult not to ruin the makeup while removing the crumbled eyeshadow.

Apply shadows correctly

When applying shadows, first touch that area with the applicator , which will have the most saturated color. The next step is to shade the shadows towards the temples. With some experience, dark shadows can be used as eyeliner. This is done with a wet applicator or a special thin brush.

Finishing the eye makeup, a light-colored shadow is applied under the eyebrow and on the inner corners of the eyes.

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