Anti-stress skin care in winter

Antistress winter skincare

Frost, precipitation, cold damp wind outside and dry hot air indoors — skin test. Cold, stress, shortening of daylight hours, beginning of the heating season — all this is not reflected on the skin in the best way.

It is useful to remember a few rules for skin care in winter

Scrubs and tonics

Rough abrasive scrubs and tonics with alcohol should be postponed until the summer. For washing and removing make-up, use foams and milk. In winter, the skin needs tenderness, even oily and problematic. Gommages, film masks, light peels with fruit acids are suitable for deep cleansing. One of the home remedies for exfoliating the skin involves using aspirin. Crush the tablet in a bowl with a few drops of water and half a spoonful of honey. Cover the face with the mixture, wait a few minutes, rinse with cool water, massaging the face with your fingers.

Moisturizing the skin

Moisturize your skin in winter especially carefully — cold wind, dry indoor air can lead to dehydration and peeling. It's time to switch from light moisturizing gels and fluids to thicker creams with a creamy texture.

UV protection

Don't forget UV protection. Even in cloudy weather, solar activity is high in autumn, the SPF level of creams should be at least 20, after whitening procedures and with increased pigmentation — 30-50.

Skin cleaning

Replace mechanical facial cleaning in the salon with ultrasonic or chemical peeling. Cold — the best time for peeling and whitening. Mesotherapy and Botox injections are undesirable — the regenerative abilities of the body are reduced, during the winter you can plan mesotherapy procedures and study photos of mesotherapy before and after. Weakened skin will be helped by various serums and concentrates in ampoules. Especially useful are substances with vitamin C, cocoa extract, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, zinc, essential oils of sage, calendula, geranium. What is more useful, in each case, the beautician will tell you after an individual consultation.

Anti-stress winter skincare

Skin masks

At home in the autumn, it is very useful to use clay-based masks. For normal and dry skin, blue and pink clay is suitable, for oily — green and white clay. It will help to gently cleanse the skin, have a whitening and anti-inflammatory effect, nourish the skin with minerals, maintain capillary tone, refresh the complexion, and relieve peeling.

For a whitening effect, clay can be mixed with kefir, yogurt, sour milk, lemon, tomato juice to a slurry state, applied to previously cleansed and steamed facial skin, removed after the mask dries. To enhance the anti-inflammatory properties of the mask, you can add decoctions of calendula, yarrow, St. John's wort. After a clay-based mask, apply a nourishing cream to the renewed skin.

Baths and saunas

Baths, saunas, hammam, contrast water procedures, wraps with algae and Dead Sea mud are especially useful to maintain the general tone of the body in winter. Anti-cellulite procedures are also effective in winter.

Vitamins for the skin

In winter, it is necessary to saturate the skin with vitamins and prepare it for a long period of cold weather. Antioxidants are especially needed — vitamins B, C, E, zinc, selenium, magnesium and copper for problematic and dry skin. It's time to adjust the diet, include fatty fish, eggs, fruits in the diet. Dietary supplements and vitamin complexes at this time will come in handy more than ever.

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