3 things you can't live without a women's watch

3 things women's watches are impossible without

Women's watches — a great addition to a trendy bow. It is absolutely easy to pick them up, it is enough to follow a few rules that the leaders of the Ukrainian watch market willingly shared  — experts of the DEKA Trade Network.

Case shape and bracelet

3 things you can't live without

The forms of women's watches, like clothes, have their own directions. So, for example, round — it's a classic. They are suitable for everyone, but are especially attractive on an elegant bracelet in combination with feminine blouses and dresses.

Square shape — Great choice for a business suit. The watch also looks very good with jeans and a shirt or sweatshirt. Ideal if the hand is not fragile, with a wide wrist.

A massive steel bracelet will elegantly emphasize femininity. It is good to play with him in contrast with a cocktail dress and shoes with thin stilettos.

Thin straps are always appropriate, because they do not attract attention. Well, maybe a very bright shade.

Chain bracelets are perfect for a romantic evening dress, flowy trousers and, paradoxically, a business suit. 

“Tasteful accessories such as the original Japanese Orient watch and a bag will tell more about you than a resume, — they joke in DEKA and add it seriously: in order to choose a watch, you need to be guided by brands and models. So, the LADY ROSE collection is distinguished by delicate shades, while TITANIUM has almost brutal forms and a metal bracelet”.

Yellow, red, white gold

3 things you can't do without women's watches

The shade of metal really plays an important role in the image, balancing a cold or warm palette.

Red gold is considered a warm shade and suits the Autumn color type, rich fabrics, furs. An excellent choice for redheads.

Yellow gold (European) — a pleasant and more modest shade, such a watch can be worn with an evening dress or a business suit at least every day. This is the choice of fair-haired people, they look beautiful on tanned skin.

White gold or silver — cold shade, suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women. A watch with a white gold case and bracelet looks noble and expensive.

When choosing, be guided by our tips, and your image with the original watch will be perfect.

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